New Tempo @ The Poetry Club Glasgow 03.04.14


New Tempo @ The Poetry Club, Glasgow

After the success of their debut event New Tempo are back! Maintaining their principle of representing the sonically alluring.

If their last event is anything to go by they surely cannot disappoint fans of the arcane:
3D visuals, A one man Ukulele Kraftwerk homage, interactive installations (including a ‘build your own ambient soundscape’ and a holographic singing instrument), cult experimental films (including the banned RD Laing LSD interview), and vintage electro-exotica were just some of the previous highlights.

With that in mind it’s sure to be an eclectic medley of experimentation.

New Tempo continue their commitment to promote, celebrate and explore sonic arts, film and performance; expect new work alongside cult gems, amateurs and lo-fi veterans alike.

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