Glasgow AudioVisual Network, University of Glasgow, 9th June 1pm – 5pm


Glasgow AudioVisual Network Event 2, 2014

Working with the Audiovisual Archive

9th June 2014

The Glasgow AudioVisual Network gathers together researchers within the University of Glasgow who are interested in exploring the relationship between sound and vision in a variety of media. Our next event is open to scholars outside of University of Glasgow, and will focus on issues involved with archiving and the use of archives in relevant audiovisual research.

The event takes place on 9th June, 1pm to 5pm and will see invited library archivists speaking about their collections, all of which are relevant to the interests of this network (these collections include written and audiovisual material). This will be followed by a round-table discussion in which academics and archivists discuss their collaborations on existing sound-related archive-based research projects, with a view to generating ideas and establishing best practice for future archival research. The invited speakers will be taken for dinner in the evening and all attendees of the meeting are welcome to join them (unfortunately, we can only pay for the invited speakers!).

The event will take place in Room 408, Gilmorehill Centre, 9 University Avenue, University of Glasgow, G12 8QQ.

We have confirmed the following speakers:

Dr Sandra Tuppen:

Sandra is a leading expert on musical source studies and has 15 years’ experience as a music curator at the British Library, where she is responsible for acquiring and documenting music manuscripts and archives and promoting academic research on the music collections.
The British Library’s music collections are among the finest in the world. They encompass all types of music and all formats, from manuscripts to audio downloads. Film music is well represented: among the manuscript film scores are famous works by Vaughan Williams, Britten, Bax, Ireland, Maxwell Davies and others, cartoon scores for Lotte Reiniger and Halas/Batchelor by Peter Gellhorn, Matyas Seiber and Francis Chagrin, music for commercial films and documentaries by Walter Leigh, Bernard Stevens and James Stevens, television music by Wilfred Josephs and Stephen Oliver, and other works by composers including Cornelius Cardew, Humphrey Searle, Benjamin Frankel, Lennox Berkeley, Elisabeth Lutyens and Richard Rodney Bennett. There is often correspondence and production material with the scores, and sometimes unpublished recordings of soundtracks.

Sandra’s staff profile can be found here:

Andy Linehan:

Andy is the Popular Music curator in the Sound Archive of the British Library. The Archive aims to collect copies of all commercial releases in the UK. It also collects pop videos (many of which have never been available to the public), radio and television programmes.

More information on the Sound archive can be found here:

Karl Magee:

Karl is an archivist at University of Stirling. There are a number of special collections of relevance at Stirling, including those of Norman McLaren, John Grierson, Lindsay Anderson and the Musician’s Union. More details can be found here:

We are hopeful that the event will pave the way for the development of new collaborations and research projects, and a number of the visiting speakers have already indicated they are interested in developing project ideas.

The schedule for the day will be as follows:

12.30pm – 1pm – Lunch available

1pm – 1.10pm – Welcome and introduction.

1.10pm – 3pm – presentations from Sandra Tuppen, Karl Magee and Andy Linehan. These presentations will allow the speakers to discuss their archive, show some of its material and highlight areas that might benefit from further research, specifically around the audio-visual relationship.

3pm – 3.15pm – coffee break

3.15 – 4.15 – Round table discussion, with the addition of John Williamson, Annabel Fleming-Brown (both researchers at Glasgow already involved in relevant archival research) and possibly other invited local scholars, discussing current and future work with audiovisual archives.

4.15 -5pm – following on from the round table discussion, a preliminary reflection on the issues that have been raised.

7.30pm – dinner.

Please contact Ian Garwood with any further enquiries:

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