Digging Sound: Methods and sites in sound archaeology, Goldsmiths College 23/10/2014

Digging Sound: Methods and sites in sound archaeology,  Goldsmiths College 23/10/2014

The Radical Media Forum is opening the academic year 2014/15, with this year theme: Detours, Alternatives and Obsolescence.

Sound is elusive. It is abstract and immaterial. Its vibration is difficult to capture, grasp and analyse. Sound bounces between many fields: musicology, history, media, art, archaeology, engineering, architecture, mathematics. Shuffling, mixing and remixing all these worlds, it produces multiple auditory dimensions. This event will tune into the practice of Digging Sound: How do we dig through the rubble of soundscape? Which tools do we use? Which sites do we focus on? How do we understand sound and practices of listening?
Academic events tend to present the results of research. The process, challenges and murmurs are usually left out in order to present a harmonious argument. This event aims to amplify the noise of research and artistic practice by focusing on the glitches of methodology, scratching beneath the surface of three different fields: media, archaeology and art.

Location 137a, Richard Hoggart Building, Goldsmiths, 17.30-20.30, Free entry.


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