CFP: The New Soundtrack (Edinburgh University Press)


CFP: The New Soundtrack (Edinburgh University Press)
The New Soundtrack brings together leading edge academic and professional perspectives on the complex relationship between sound and moving images.

Volume 6 Issue 1 will be published in March 2016. It features:

Sound, Space, Gravity: A Kaleidoscopic Hearing (Part 1)
Dong Liang

I will leave you now and this loudspeaker will take my place
Nessa Johnston and Anneke Kampman

Distant Echoes: Evoking the Soundscapes of the Past in the Radio Documentary Series Noise: A Human History
David Hendy

Why use Linear Workflows with Non-Linear Tools?
Klas Dykhoff

Digital 3-D and the Contemporary Soundtrack: Competing Cinema Spaces
Damian Candusso

Audio Imagineering: Utilising the Four Sound Areas Framework for Emotive
Sound Design within Contemporary Audio Post-Production                                                   Neil Hillman and Sandra Pauletto

We are now accepting abstracts for issue 6.2 to be published in September 2016.

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