Call for Papers – Interference: A Journal of Audio Culture – Writing About/Through Sound (deadline 31/03/15)

Call for Papers: Writing About/Through Sound (Issue 5)
Issue editor: Linda O’Keeffe

In this call, we ask authors to explore the intersection of creative practice, developing technologies and pedagogy within sound studies. Taking the ontological viewpoint, how does one come to know sound as it is produced within contemporary culture, and, given the diversity of potential approaches to its production and reception, how may it be taught, written about and presented?

Alongside the increase of sound-related disciplines, the emergence of conferences and journals focusing on sound, including our own, signals a growing dialectic through which researchers and practitioners can present their field to a wider audience. Yet, even as the study of sound can be seen to encompass ever–broader perspectives, the use of more traditional representational strategies via language and text to demonstrate, present, analyse or argue sound theories, may also rob sound studies of its singularity, drawing emphasis away from the acts and strategies particular to audio cultures and the forms – embodied, auditory, material – which these may take. In this way, sound studies may sometimes align itself with more traditional theoretical discourses and approaches to the representation of knowledge when it might instead forge entirely new approaches.

We ask authors to consider the ways in which sound itself could be represented as a discourse or as model. We recognise that arts practitioners might argue that within practice they already achieve this. Yet even within practice there is a move towards making explicit the structural imperatives underpinning the relationships between artistic materials, be they in the realm of gathering/devising strategies, composition, design or exhibition, or in the tradition of textual discourse. For this call we will also accept proposals that challenge the orthodoxy of textual representations. For example, this might be proposals that take the form of audio presentations.

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